Working Pantone's Top 10 colours for 2017 into your Interior

2017-02-16 22:41:45

Getting the proportion of colour right

Pantones colour forecast is generally a vision for Fashion on the catwalks, but it does seep into architecture, home interiors and decor items.

The colours this year are bold, bright and saturated to enliven and invigorate. Greenery, a citrus shade of yellow-green and the colour of the year, epitomises this as it represents natures neutral and a connection to it. It symbolises energy and growth, and creates a mood. It exudes optimism and spunk!

Now, how do we use this and other forecasted colours in our environments, to create harmony and relaxation when these colours that are so vibrant and energetic?

Answer. In balanced moderation and in a variety of platforms, ie fabrics, decor objects, walls and floors.

They can be as lively as you can handle, or simply ‘pop’ up in small doses in our space.

Mix Kale, Niagara, Hazelnut and a touch of Primrose yellow to build the perfect nature backdrop of foliage, trees, sky and a pop of the sun! This can be done with cushions and decor being the strong colours, while hazelnut brings in a much needed calming element on walls, floors and sofa fabrics etc

Have fun and think ‘Out Of The Box’…
when creating your next colourful pod of nature!


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