Do you have an empty space to furnish?

2017-11-14 22:44:12

Positioning furniture within a space can be challenging to get right.

So many of my clients hit a stumbling block when it comes to positioning furniture in a room. It seems logical to look at the walls, windows and doors within the room, but by doing this, you are not really seeing the ‘space’.

If you have a large space, maybe zoning the space into two or more functions is the answer. Use the furniture and rugs to create these zones, not the walls.

Of course, acknowledge access and outlook, but don’t let this define where you position furniture. As long as you are not blocking out light in a light challenged space, or blocking a walkway, making you walk sideways past the sofa, doors and windows can be viewed as an extension of the wall.

Perhaps ‘floating’ the seating in a space works better than pushing the furniture back against the wall. Use the walls for bookshelves or art/photos etc Doing this, can create a more cosy and inviting space.

Acknowledge the space for what it is. Do not try and fill the room with oversized or too much furniture just for the occasion when the extended family come over for Christmas lunch! Furnish it to function for the family (and pets) that reside there.

Style it to your personality, not to the latest trends. This will make you happy every time you enter the space.

Image 1
The configuration does not work for TV Viewing, and there is one too many pieces of furniture for the size of the space.

Image 2
Remove one piece of furniture. Reconfigure TV to a wall away from the main line of thoroughfare. Finish with a rug, small nest of tables to act as a coffee table, side table and lamps to create your cosy space.

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