Embrace Winter

2018-05-10 08:54:34

We’ve been hit suddenly with crisp mornings, cold winds and rain.

No transition period to adjust and adapt.

We will now spend the majority of our time inside, with the doors and windows closed and the curtains and blinds drawn.

It is easy to fall in to the dark hole of winter and just want to hibernate until the warm weather returns.

Rather than sleeping it off and wishing for time to pass, create your interior to lift your spirits and rejuvenate your will to live!

Open plan living is great and ideal for the summer months. The indoor/outdoor experience is a concept we prioritise when building or renovating our homes. This open plan living can, however, feel cold and desolate during the winter months.

By changing up just a few things in your space, you can transform your open plan, breezy summer zone into a cosy welcoming nest. The mood is different, but the positive vibe remains.

In the first image, I have a jute rug, suggesting a more casual ‘socks off’ organic approach to the scheme. Add a summery succulent plant and a simple natural textured and toned lamp, along with neutral toned cushions and modern art, to create a light easy feel. This look welcomes open doors and windows and natural light flowing in.

In the second image, I have changed the rug to define the space and create warmth both in the colours and the wool texture. I have changed some of the cushions to work back to the rug, but as you can see, you need not change more than the two patterned ones. Rather replace with another blue one and the tribal cushion. The throw has been replaced to repeat the tones in the art. I have changed the ottoman, but again this is not completely necessary. Ottomans, however, are one of those pieces that can just ‘hang around’ in any space and fit it! I have changed the plant to a more ‘indoor’ plant that makes a bigger statement than the succulent, but brings life into a darker space. You could, however, use this plant in both scenarios. The art has been changed to reflect a more harmonious and calming feel. Art is something you can hang in different rooms within your home when you want change. The idea here, is to have a coordinating colour scheme flowing throughout to make this work.

I did also change the floor lamp, again, to bring this look together and add another element of warm metallics and richer tones.

When comparing the two scenarios, it is easy to see that image 2 embraces that snug, cosy feeling of a warm hug, while image 1 suggests a more relaxed light summer feel.

In summary, the major pieces in any room can be redressed to create a different feel that reflects the season. I don’t mean four times a year, but mostly between the extremities of weather throughout the year. It doesn’t require throwing out or selling your accessories, but rather transposing these pieces to other spaces within your home.

Moving those ‘summer’, lighter pieces to other rooms, ie a study or second living area, or even bedrooms, can make all the difference to setting your mood to embrace the oncoming Winter months. This theory applies to whether you live in an open seaside build on the peninsular, or a country retreat in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs.

If you need some help with this, or any other decoration dilemma, and you live in Melbourne, give me a call!
*If you don’t happen to live in Melbourne, I can offer an e-Design service to meet your needs.

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“I was delighted with the service and the final presentation of the apartment. Sharon has turned a functional living space into a pleasurable, luxurious experience. It looks so good in the photographs that it has been leasing out non stop since it was advertised, I was hoping to spend more weekends relaxing in this place, but the bookings have never stopped, customers who lease it are even extending their stays!”