When designing interiors for clients, recommendations are made for furnishing and decorating the space. Bespoke furniture and upholstered pieces are also requested at times. Below is a basic listing of products that can be ordered through Out of the Box Interiors.

Please contact me to source the piece you have been looking for.

Bogart Tulip Sofa Chair - Blush Pink

Gus Atwood 3S Sofa-Ink

Linea Tri Base Coffee Table

Vittoria Olive 3S Sofa Fleece 2260/900/670mm

Oranje Chair Black 700/860/780mm

Lavish Coffee Table Set 990/400 + 915/345mm

Taj Bone Inlay Geometric Side Table 315/550mm

“It was a real pleasure working with Sharon to decorate our new beach house and I am absolutely thrilled with the result.”